Questions :

1. Is overthinking good or bad? 2. Is it healthy to feel completely bleak sometimes? 3. Being over-sensitive helps you or not? 4. Should you really spend time trying to know more about yourself and what you are? 5. Does being wary of yourself give you strength ? 6. What should you do when you […]

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08-09-2019 के दो प्यारे किरदार !

बस एक साथ मस्ती करने को प्यार थोड़ी बोलते हैं, प्यार तो बड़ी ही अनोखी होती है। बस मिल लेना, नज़रो में नज़रे डाल लेना, एक दूसरे की हस्सी देख लेना, शोर के बीच भी अपनी आवाज़ सुन लेना, और ख़ामोशी में भी एक अपनेपन की गर्माहट महसूस करना, इससे भी तो प्यार कहते है […]

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songs on repeat

Music tastes are incessantly changing. Maybe it has got something to do with change in personality or emotional and mental perceptions. I know, I am changing too. Felt like sharing songs that I’ve been listening to lately. Here they are:

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August passes

August passes. What does it leave behind? Needless to say, the days pace pretty fast. These days, they greet you but they never bid you goodbye with empty hands. Have you ever noticed the pattern, how every passing day when nearing it’s end, tells you to open up your palms. If you are warm and […]

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A butterfly and a squirrel

(27-08) The frontyard of my house was a little piece of land. But to see all the pretty butterflies fluttering around during summer noons, made it welcoming to see. How badly I loved observing them and clicking their pictures! Two months back, I shifted to Bangalore where butterflies are a rare sight. For two months […]

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dreams and philosophy

By definition, dreams are hallucinations that occur during our sleep. But is that all? Dreams & related philosophies are mind blowing. What makes them more gripping is the fact, that there exists no full-proved theory that can meticulously explain the phenomenon in detail. Talking about dreams; exchanging on them with people is one thing I’ve […]

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